Best Antivirus For Firestick: Install & Set-Up

There are currently no antivirus programmes available for the Amazon Fire TV stick. There are no third-party antivirus solutions that are compatible with the Amazon Fire TV stick that you can download and install the traditional way.

As a result, you won’t be able to install anti-virus software on your Amazon Firestick unless you first jailbreak it to allow apps from unknown sources to operate on your Fire TV stick.

There are actions you can do to safeguard your Amazon Fire Stick from dangerous malware and other issues, but they are not the same as installing antivirus software on a computer or an Android device.

Antivirus on Amazon FireStick

Several antivirus software is available for Amazon FireStick devices, which safeguard your device and files from infections. The apps are as follows:

  • Webroot
  • Bitdefender
  • VirusTotal
  • Malwarebytes

Because these are third-party apps, you’ll need to use the Downloader app to sideload their APK files. To be clear, Downloader is now available for download on the Amazon App Store.

Installing Webroot on a FireStick

Webroot is one of the greatest options for protecting your FireStick device from malware. It examines all apps, files, and URLs to see what is and isn’t secure. Webroot is a basic, easy-to-use security programme that uses minimal system resources.

1. Launch the Downloader application. You might have to go to the see all apps page from your FireStick home screen to discover it.

2. Click the box labeled “Enter a URL or Search Term.”

3. Select Go after typing Because the URL is case-sensitive, double-check for errors.

4. When it’s finished downloading, click INSTALL.

5. Click the DONE button.

6. To uninstall the APK from your FireStick’s internal storage, click Delete. We don’t need to store the APK because we used it to install Webroot.

7. Select Delete once more.

Webroot Antivirus on FireStick: How to Use It

Before moving to the home screen, you will be asked security-related questions when you first launch the programme. Following that, you have the option of clicking Fix this or Ignore, which is completely up to you.

You’ll have a home screen similar to this after the initial setup. Click the Scan for Threats Now button to begin scanning your device.

The time it takes to scan your device is determined by the number of files and apps it contains. Select Finish after the scan is complete.

Security, Identity & Privacy, and Help are the three parts at the bottom.

Antivirus and Secure Web Browsing are two sub-sections of the Security department.

The Antivirus feature allows you to scan the device, quarantine infected files (if any), and look for risks that have gone unnoticed (if any).

It’s all about locating, locking, or erasing your missing device in the Identity & Privacy section. You must first create a Webroot account before beginning the process.

Overall, the UI is straightforward, light, and simple to use. The software, however, is simple and lacks numerous functions, as you can see from the screenshots.

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