How to Install Cinema APK on Firestick: {HDMovies Streaming}

In this guide, we will see how to install Cinema APK on Firestick/FireTVStick step by step. Services for streaming films have evolved by leaps and bounds these days. That could explain the huge number of applications that allow you to stream content onto your TV or other devices.

Have you ever considered trying out a great film streaming service that can prove to be useful enough to stream HD-quality film content? Maybe we have a solution here.

Cinema HD APK is a new app for watching content on-demand on FireStick and other Android devices. Everyone has been searching for a better replacement for movies and shows since Terrarium TV shut down. I noticed a lot of applications but just a few of them appealed to me. One is the Cinema HD APK. 

This guide will take you through the Cinema APK HD (formerly named HDMovies) installation instructions on FireStick. This method works on all devices from Amazon including Fire TV, FireStick, and even Fire TV Cube. The approach applies to some degree even to Android TV & Android TV Boxes.

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What is Cinema APK (HDMovies)?

Cinema HD is one such great choice that can prove to be very powerful and reliable. The app, previously referred to as HDMovies was one of the excellent solutions for a wide variety of entertainment options that have become one of the prime choices.

Cinema HD APK was formerly named HDMovies, which has now been rebranded. The app has a very large library of films and television shows. This means that Cinema HD APK will never let you run out of streaming possibilities.

It is a great app for binge-watching your favorite episodes and films. The app has a basic but usable interface that is minimal. It has everything you need to look for to get started with the videos you want to watch. Learn to install Cinema HD APK now on FireStick.

As such, there is no dearth of film streaming services. But, you’d also find there are situations where you’d see a lot of them unexpectedly be discontinued or shut down. That’s precisely what makes it important to search for the best possible options in the field of the best film streaming service that can help get access to a wonderful selection of HD movies and other shows.

In this article, we’ll be trying to understand how to mount and work with the Firestick Cinema HD. We’ll also find out the best features Cinema HD APK has to offer.

How to Install Cinema APK (HDMovies) on Amazon Firestick TV?

Cinema HD APK is not available on the Google Play Store or via the official Amazon App Store. You’d need to sideload the app over the APK path to your Amazon Firestick. Get access from a reputable source to the Cinema HD APK, and install it on your Amazon Firestick.

Follow the steps set out here-

Go to your FireStick or Fire TV home screen, and pick the Settings choice at the top.

The following choices appear in Configurations. Click on My Fire TV.

Then pick Developer Options.

If the Unknown Sources Apps are OFF, then press and turn it ON.

Next, when the following warning message appears on your FireStick screen, click on Turn On. Make no worries about the warning.

Cinema HD APK is among the best applications we have reviewed and used.

Therefore the protection component of the FireStick system is provided for. The core installation instructions now allow us to start.

The very first thing you want to do is to install the Downloader app. To sideload apps to Fire Stick you need the Downloader software. You are not permitted to download the APK directly from a browser.

The downloader app is available on the Amazon Website. From the home screen of FireStick, pick Search (lens icon) at the top left and type in the app name. In the search results pick Downloader and follow the on-screen instructions for installation.

Now follow the instructions below to download and install Cinema APK (HDMovies) on your Firestick TV.

Now open the App to Download. You’ll note it opens by default with the Home tab clicked on. Navigate to the right-hand URL area, and click.

The new window that pops up allows you to use the onscreen keypad to access the APK source URL. To download the app’s APK file use the following URL:


Click on GO

The next window that pops will show connecting Downloader to the server. The following window shows that the Cinema HD APK file is downloaded to your FireStick computer.

Let the download process complete.

The installation is scheduled to begin on its own. Use your remote control keys on the following screen to pick the Next button (to the bottom right).

The Next button is replaced with Install. Go ahead now, and press Install.

This is where FireStick will start downloading the Cinema HD application from the APK file that you downloaded a little earlier.

Enable a few minutes to go through the process.

When the Cinema HD APK HDMovies app is finally enabled by FireStick you will be informed with the following window.

If you wish, you can write off this window click Open, and launch the Cinema HD APK on FireStick.

I advise pressing Done

Clicking Done in the previous stage will take you to the Downloader app where you can see the prompt below. Click on Delete.

We will uninstall FireStick’s Cinema APK. This file is of no use after the installation of the software has been completed. Removing the file will save you some storage space on your computer.

Select Delete to uninstall the Cinema HD APK at last.

With this, you have installed Cinema HD APK on FireStick successfully. Now you can open and use the app to start.

How to Play Cinema APK (HDMovies) on Firestick TV?

Well, the use of Cinema HD APK as such shouldn’t be a big challenge. On your Amazon Firestick, you should be able to use the app with ease. It has been considered one of the prime choices for a perfect Firestick movie app. The easy-to-use interface should be one of the excellent choices that can prove successful in several ways for Cinema HD APK to be.

The filter options the service provides are very impressive in their own right. Cinema HD APK allows you to search the content based on a broad variety of search parameters such as film name, episode, producer, actor, and a host of other materials.

You may come across a few pop-ups while running the app for the first time. If you have any updates in your system, you will be given a popup to install the update. You’d also get the changelog info and other elements of the software. Read them out and press OK to clean the computer off.

The first screen you’d get will be the Homescreen while using the streaming app. The entire home screen is full of video material and provides you with access to the package’s full features. Ideally, the home screen allows you access to films on your home screen. If you are searching for television programs, however, you should be able to find them via the hamburger menu.

Apart from video links, you’d also have access to other content, likes, and downloads. In reality, through the favorites option, you can bookmark some of the shows so you can watch them later. The downloads section stores the movies you downloaded to your account and other shows. You can watch it even without the Internet.

Features of Cinema APK (HDMovies)

  • Online download and streaming- Free distribution of videos, and TV shows from different sites.
  • Fast Installation and Use-Cinema APK’s installation process and video download procedure are simple and easy.
  • Search movies or TV Shows using keywords – Just like Google, it has a smooth and powerful search engine that provides a great feature where users can search for movies and TV Shows using keywords.
  • The APK Cinema App is available in English only.
  • Download the content from any publicly accessible website.
  • Download in the background-Cinema APK allows and allows you to continue downloading in the background whether using your phone or setting it aside.
  • Built-in Player – Cinema APK has its own built-in media player where you can directly play Movies or TV Shows in the background.
  • No Login – No need to register or sign up to unlock any of the app’s premium features.
  • Unlimited Film Downloads-Cinema APK helps you to view and download Free HD videos and TV shows from publicly accessible websites.

Is Cinema APK (HDMovies) Safe?

If you’re checking out the app’s functional security, we will find it truly secure and reliable. You will note, however, that Cinema HD APK is a subscription service for films and we are aware of how these services operate.

You will notice some of the service’s content may be protected by copyright. If your area has strict laws restricting the use of copyrighted material, you may need to be cautious enough to access the content. Going with a proper VPN service will be advisable to stay safe against any such stringent rules that are prevalent in your area.

From a technological point of view, we considered the software extremely stable and a pretty good choice that you could go with.

Pros and Cons of Cinema APK (HDMovies)

Some of the pros and cons of Cinema APK movies are as follows:


  • It’s free – no need to pay for watching or streaming movies or TV shows in HD and using all of its functionality.
  • It supports almost all of the prominent publicly accessible sites.
  • Installation is a super simple operation.
  • Hassle-free video service provider of online movies for free.


  • Some memory-intensive files take time to load and stream.
  • It is not open to iOS users. The app is only available for Android users.
  • Free downloading of pirated films and TV Shows is illegal.

Cinema APK Questions

Is Cinema APK the Best Free-film App?

Cinema APK offers a great Movie set. It continues to frequently update its collection of new movies. The app is known for downloading tons of high-quality streaming links from several sources around the world. So even though Cinema APK might not be the best movie app, it’s definitely one of the best. You can also take a look at alternatives to the famous Cinema APK.

How to Fix Buffering on APK Cinema?

There are a few ways to address buffering at Cinema APK. Try to uninstall the FireStick Settings > Applications > Control Enabled Apps > Cinema APK data or system cache.

Even you can try to uninstall and reinstall the program. One perfect way to stop buffering is by the use of the premium link generator Real Debrid. Real Debrid gives you loads of high-quality links from fast servers and buffering mitigates.

Which Devices Are Compatible With Cinema APK HDMovies?

Cinema is available to run on loads of devices including the most common streaming device ever, the Amazon Firestick. You can download it on Android and iOS too.

How Do I Download Movies on the Cinema APK App?

To download films on a Firestick, simply pick your favorite material and pick the button to download. When you are downloading, make sure to encrypt your IP address using a VPN.

Final Words

Finally, now you don’t have to think about watching HD movies for free or going to any other places. As with most websites, one has to go through advertisements, and ad pop-ups, but from any website, you can watch movies or display them directly.

Its search engine functions like Google does and finds the best results for your keywords. If you know about any other related HD streaming apps, tell us about them and we’re going to have a tutorial on those apps. Tell us, how did you find the Cinema APK HDMovies features?

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