FireStick Won’t Connect to WiFi: Best Working Solutions in 2023

When you get a ”Fire TV Stick won’t connect to the internet” error, it’s likely due to a network or internet connectivity problem.

It’s possible that the wireless network signal strength is too weak, that there’s a problem with the local network hardware, or that your internet connection is down.

One or more of the approaches I mention below can help you diagnose and restore your connection.

Double-check an active connection

The first step in resolving this issue is to ensure that your FireStick and router are connected. While this may seem self-evident, it’s tempting to believe that a connection is already active when there is a network problem.

To see if there’s a live Wi-Fi connection, do the following:

1. On your FireStick’s home screen, go to Settings.

2. Go to the Network tab.

3. To check the status of your Wi-Fi network, scroll to it and push the play/pause button on your remote.

4. Your network information will appear, allowing you to verify your active connection.

Reboot Your Router

Most network connectivity issues may be resolved with a simple reboot of your modem or router, which could be the case here. When you restart the router has time to cool down and refresh its memory. Here’s how to reactivate your router.

1. Press the power button on your router to turn it off if it has one. Then disconnect your router. If your modem isn’t connected to your router, turn it off and unplug it.

2. Hold for at least 30 seconds.

3. Reconnect your device(s). Turn on your separate modem now if you have one.

4. Turn on your router and wait for it to boot up and connect to the internet.

Attempt to reconnect to your FireStick now. Your Wi-Fi connection problem should be resolved if it is a basic technical issue.

Disconnect and Reconnect your Wi-Fi network

If your Wi-Fi connectivity problem persists, consider disconnecting and rejoining your Wi-Fi network. Follow these procedures to “forget” the network and reconnect to it.

1. On your FireStick’s home screen, go to Settings.

2. Go to the Network tab.

3. Use your remote to scroll to the network you’re having trouble connecting to, then press the menu button.

4. Confirm that you wish to forget the network by pressing the select button on your remote.

Select it again to reconnect once you’ve disconnected from your network. Then check to see if your problem has been solved.


Wi-Fi connectivity troubles on the FireStick can be caused by various factors. A technical issue, such as an invalid password, router limits, or an unsuitable technical setting, can cause your FireStick to be unable to connect to Wi-Fi.

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