How to Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” on Firetvstick

Firestick opens a whole new world of entertainment for you. It offers you unlimited online movies, web series, sports, and other online content streaming. You can access any online content on Fire TV anywhere and anytime.

However, sometimes your entertainment gets interrupted. You might have sometimes observed an error message on the home screen of your Fire TV. The message reads as “Home is currently unavailable”.

This error occurs due to network connectivity issues. Some users get confused about what to do and why has the TV stopped working. You might even get frustrated that your binge-watch plan got spoiled.

This issue isn’t much of a problem. You can easily solve the network problem and continue enjoying your movies.

Firetvstick “Home is Currently Unavailable” Solution

All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps:

  • Go to the settings menu from the Home screen.
  • Then click on the Network settings.
  • Check if your Fire Tv is connected to your home wi-fi.
  • If it’s already connected try resetting the wi-fi connection again.

This is most probably solve your network issue. However, if you are still facing the issue it is recommended that you check your wi-fi. Sometimes the Fire TV is properly functioning and the Wi-Fi is down.

If the problem persists even after your wi-fi is up and you have tried all possible solutions, then it’s advised to contact the support team.

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