Fix “Optimizing System Storage and Application” on Firetvstick

Amazon Firestick offers amazing entertainment options for your complete family. You can enjoy non-stop movies, web series, sports, games, and many more exciting things.

However, sometimes few errors can interfere with your entertainment. One of those errors that can frustrate you is “Optimizing system storage and applications”.

If you do not find a solution to this error, it will start a never-ending loop of more errors. Moreover, you will also notice that along with the error message progress will appear on the screen. This progress bar starts all over again after reaching 100%. It becomes a loop and the error never resolves on its own.

How to Fix “Optimizing System Storage and Application” on Firetvstick

But if you follow simple steps as mentioned in this guide you can solve the issue within minutes.

#1. Change HDMI Port

The easiest solution is to change or re-insert your firestick to the HDMI port on the TV.

  • Unplug your Firestick from the HDMI port of your TV.
  • Try plugging the Firestick in another HDMI port.

#2. Always use Original USB Cable

When buying Firestick it is accompanied by Amazon’s power adapter and USB cable. It is always recommended to use the original USB cable and power adapter for best performance.

Third-party equipment might not be adaptable to your Firestick device and cause problems.

If this solution also doesn’t solve your problem then try the next one.

#3. Use Wall Power Outlet

If you are using original cables and power adapter then the problem might be in your power outlet.

The majority of people plug their Firestick into the extension cord. In the extension cord, there are other several devices connected that consume a high quantity of power. It creates a power shortage for the Firestick.

Due to too many applications connected to one source your Firestick might not be getting the required power supply to function smoothly.

Try plugging your device into the single main wall power outlet.

This way your Firestick will get ample power supply for efficient functioning.

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