How to Install Youtube on Firestick [March 2023]

Want to know how to install Youtube on Firestick quickly? Here is the complete guide for you which is updated in March 2023. Let’s go. We have addressed some issues which you might face during the installation of YoutubeTV.

You can enjoy Youtube TV on Firestick too. You only need to download and install it. If you are not able to do that we are here to show you step by step process to install it. It is simple and easy.

What is Youtube TV?

YouTube TV is a paid video streaming service that Google introduced in 2017, allowing users to watch live TV from major broadcast/cable networks without using cables. YouTube TV is available in nearly every US state. There is no easy solution for FireStick users to watch YouTube videos. Installing YouTube TV on Amazon FireStick, however, has some workarounds.

Owing to the falling out between Google and Amazon earlier in 2018, the YouTube FireStick app had to be removed from the Amazon store. Yet then the two internet giants came to terms and YouTube is now freely available via the Amazon Store. There’s no doubt that YouTube is an amazing media source and I am glad to see it back on FireStick.

What makes me even happier is that the FireStick feature on YouTube TV is now officially available in the Amazon App Store. The YouTube TV app can be enabled anywhere on FireStick and used.

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What is the Cost of Youtube TV?

YouTube TV, like YouTube Premium, is also a paid subscription package that can be canceled at any time if you are not happy with the program. Now it’s costing $40 a month. It allows for a maximum of 6 accounts per household. And, each member has its username and personal DVR library. The channels will stream up to a maximum of 3 members at the same time.

You can add channels with YouTube TV for just a few dollars a month, too. Many of these alternatives to a-la-carte include:

  • AMC Premiere  Rs. 375/month
  • CuriosityStream – Rs. 225/month
  • EPIX – Rs. 450/month
  • Fox Soccer Plus – Rs. 1125/month
  • NBA League Pass – Rs. 3000/month
  • SHOWTIME – Rs. 825/month
  • Shudder – $375/month
  • Starz – Rs. 675/month
  • Sundance Now – Rs. 525/month

YouTube TV does offer a free trial that can be canceled without any charge at any time. However, there is no information on its official website about the duration of the case.

Which Channels Do Youtube TV Offers?

YouTube TV provides 60 + Live TV channels covering various genres such as news, live sports, lifestyle, and more. The list of famous YouTube TV channels includes FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, ESPN, FOX News, TNT, BBC America, National Geographic, and so on.

YouTube TV viewers can also get access to premium original YouTube movies and shows in addition to the channels mentioned above. They can also pay, for a flat monthly charge, for premium add-on networks such as Showtime.

Visit the YouTube TV website for a complete list of channels and shows available in your city, and enter your zip code.

When you add a program to your library, it will automatically record all potential airings to your DVR. There’s no limit on how many shows you can record and it will hold your recordings for nine months.

No matter where you are, you can watch your shows on all of your apps. Everything you need to do is add YouTube TV to your Firestick or Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV. If you’re on the lookout for one of these apps, be sure to check out our list of 2019 ‘s best streaming devices.

While Google claims that YouTube TV is available in all US states, it is strongly recommended that you test if your channels are available at your place. To find this out, simply enter your zip code on YouTube TV’s homepage to see the list of available channels at your place.

Which Devices Support Youtube TV?

YouTube TV can be enabled on most smart media devices including Android TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs such as Samsung, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One, PCs, and Smartphones. Missed anything on the chart above? Hey. Officially YouTube TV is now available for Amazon products like Fire TV or Firestick the tug-of-war between Google and Amazon has been settled for real.

First, we will take you step by step to download and install Youtube on your Firestick. Then we take you through the steps to follow to install Youtube TV.

How to Install Official Youtube App on Firestick TV?

Follow the steps below to install YouTube TV on Firestick.

  • Power up your FireStick and wait to boot up the home window
  • Go to the upper left corner on the home window and choose the search option (the lens icon)
Firestick Home Page
  • Now type in the YouTube feature name
  • Choose the Youtube app when it appears in the search results
Select Youtube to Install
  • Select YouTube app from the list of applications that appear in the window below
Choose Youtube App
  • Tap Get if this is the first time the app is activated
  • If you already have the app loaded, press Install
How to Install Youtube on Firestick TV
  • Wait until the app is downloaded to your computer and activated. It might take a minute, or a little longer.
Downloading Youtube App to Install on Firestick TV
  • Select Open to get YouTube going. You can run it in Your Devices & Channels later.
How to Install Youtube on Firestick TV 6

Getting Youtube App Ready for Firestick TV?

Now that the software is enabled you’d like to start using it immediately. Ok, there are a few things we need to do to get the app ready to show you the FireStick YouTube videos. This isn’t going to take that long.

Go back to the home screen at FireStick. You can not see YouTube listed in the section of your ‘Apps & Channels’ (second row). That’s Good! We can access it from the Apps list at any time.

The YouTube icon can also be transferred to the home screen. That is completely facultative. Nonetheless, putting the feature that you often use on the home screen makes it a little easier.

Following are steps to push the icon:

  • Keep down your remote Home button and pick ‘Settings’ from the menu.
Firestick Apps
  • Now you need to see the list of all of your installed apps
  • Typically the newly installed apps are to the left of the chart. So go to the bottom and pick YouTube app.
Youtube Apps & Channels

Tap the ‘Options’ button on your remote location and pick ‘Push’ from the window displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Now the YouTube app icon can be transferred anywhere you want. Shift it anywhere in the top row to display it on your home screen of FireStick.
  • To drop the icon and place it in the desired position, press the ‘Select” button.
  • Go back to the home screen of FireStick, and see the YouTube app right there.

How to Play YouTube on Firestick TV?

The following SIGN IN window will appear when you launch the App for the first time. While signing in is optional, I would always suggest that you do so. This unblocks all of the limited content and lets you access all of your current accounts, playlists, and history connected with your Google ID that you use for YouTube.

You can also select Sign up. You will also have a range of videos to watch. When you want to sign up later you can go to the Accounts section in the left menu and follow the onscreen sign-up instructions.

Sign into Youtube App after Installation

Here is what you can do if you want to SIGN IN:

  • The above-shown window appears with the code Sign In
  • Go to or turn on your screen or phone
  • Type code in the Code.
  • If you are not already signed in, log in with your Google ID.

Install Youtube TV on Amazon Firestick?

YouTube TV is YouTube’s Live-TV page. This offers access to a number of satellite channels like ESPN, Fox, CBS, and many others. Long-awaited was the official launch of YouTube TV on FireStick. Finally, the wait is over and youTube TV is now an official Amazon Store download.

Now I will take you through the steps of downloading the official YouTube TV app from the Amazon Store on FireStick (Method 1 below). I have given alternate methods for accessing this application (Method 2), at the same time.

When you can install the Amazon Store’s YouTube TV FireStick app, there’s no need to pursue alternative methods.

  • Method 1 (Primary): Download the official FireStick TV app on YouTube via Amazon Store.
  • Method 2: YouTube TV connection through a browser on FireStick.

Let’s start with method 1 to install the Youtube TV on Firestick.

Method 1: Install Youtube TV from Amazon Store

Here are the steps to access YouTube TV from Amazon Store on Fire TV:

  • Open the search option from the FireStick / Fire TV home screen
  • Tap the lens icon and move to the top-left corner.
Amazon Store
  • Look up YouTube TV by typing in the app’s name.
  • Click YouTube TV when the search results come up.
Youtube TV
  • On the next tab, click the YouTube TV icon.
Installed Youtube TV
  • Now, if this is the first time you download YouTube TV on your FireStick, click Get.
  • If you have already downloaded and activated the software, press the Install option (which you will see instead of getting).
Get button to Install Youtube TV
  • Wait while installing the YouTube TV app.
Downloading Youtube TV App
  • Click Open and execute the program.
  • You can also access FireStick’s YouTube TV channel from the Your Apps & Channels section later.
Open Youtube App After Installation
  • Sign in if you have one, with your YouTube TV page.
  • If you wish to sign up for the services, press Try It Free.
Access Youtube App on Firestick

Method 2: Access Youtube TV from Fire Silk Browser

You may also be able to view YouTube TV on FireStick using the Silk Browser. FireStick comes preinstalled with this browser. If you uninstalled it, here’s how to open the update to YouTube TV and tune in:

1. From the home screen of FireStick choose Check (lens icon) at the top-left corner

2. Join ‘Silk Browser’ (no quotes)

3. In the search results click on ‘Silk Browser’

4. On the next tab, press the ‘Silk Explorer’ icon

5. To download and update the app press the Download button

6. Open the tab for Silk, and enter https:/

Features of Youtube TV

Here is a list of some of YouTube TV’s creative or interesting features:

Unlimited DVR Storage: Users can record as many shows as they want and hold up to 9 months of recording.

Cable-Free: You can watch your favorite live TV channels everywhere you go since there is no need to attach long cables or wires to watch channels on your TV.

Flexibility: YouTube TV is an excellent option for anyone who regularly relocates, say at least once a year or so. Today, each time they don’t need to search for cable TV providers, they move to another community or state.

Stay Protected With a VPN

Typically the free streaming software, addons, and paid IPTV services that you use are hosted on unsafe servers. Your IP Address is logged in without a VPN. Your IP address points back to your location and identity, compromising your privacy as well as your protection. A VPN will allow you an anonymous Internet connection.

This would prevent the Internet Service Provider, creators of app/add-ons, government agencies, and any third party from logging into what you are accessing. VPN among cord-cutters is common because of their blazing fast speeds. It’s important to use a fast-paced VPN because we stream large HD files. Having one who doesn’t hold records on what their subscribers do online is also important.

Final Words

So, you get the official YouTube on Fire TV and FireStick apps that way. This app connects directly with your YouTube account and carries all of the YouTube videos you’d like to watch, including all of your channels, playlists, and even the history of browsing.

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