How to Stop Buffering on Amazon FireStick (March 2022)

Amazon Firestick offers unlimited entertainment with blockbuster movies and TV shows. You can watch it anywhere and anytime. However, sometimes we have unexpected interventions in our entertainment. One such frustrating intervention is buffering. When you sit down with popcorn and play your favorite movie, it starts buffering. It isn’t pleasant because the film will play … Read more

Advantages of free VPN [Complete Guide]

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How to Use Task Killer on FireStick to Close Apps with 1-Click

The hardware resources and computing power of the FireStick and comparable devices are limited. As a result, if multiple processes are executing at the same time, they may experience performance concerns. Despite having a decent internet connection, users may experience buffering because undesirable apps running in the background might consume bandwidth and memory. Task Killer … Read more

Firestick Not Working? Common Problems & Solutions (2022)

Amazon Firestick is a complete entertainment package for the whole family. You can watch movies, TV shows, News and even play games. However, if your Firestick is facing some issues, there is no fun. Like all other electronic devices, Firestick also goes through malfunctioning. This guide will help you understand the reasons behind such problems … Read more

Best Antivirus For Firestick — Install & Set-Up

There are currently no antivirus programmes available for the Amazon Fire TV stick. There are no third-party antivirus solutions that are compatible with the Amazon Fire TV stick that you can download and install the traditional way. As a result, you won’t be able to install anti-virus software on your Amazon Firestick unless you first … Read more

Fix “Optimizing System Storage and Application” on Firetvstick

Amazon Firestick offers amazing entertainment options for your complete family. You can enjoy non-stop movies, web series, sports, games, and many more exciting things. However, sometimes few errors can interfere with your entertainment. One of those errors that can frustrate you is “Optimizing system storage and applications”. If you do not find a solution to … Read more