How to Set up FireStick Step by Step– A Complete Guide

If you want to set up Firestick because you just bought it, this guide will help you install and set your firestick up even if you are using it the first time.

Then do away with your worries as we have compiled a complete guide to install and set up FireTV for first-time users.

Stay with us to set up your Fire TV without any hassle.

Setup Amazon Firestick

With the emergence of video streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc., TV viewing is shifting rapidly across the Globe. Very long, DTH will become a thing of the past and it will be for good. In addition to providing much more and better content, video streaming services also give viewers a true choice.

You can pick from millions of TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc., whatever you want. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the new entry in the Video Streaming category.

Firestick is an exclusive Amazon brand, offering a variety of services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Gaana, and many more. Yet this isn’t the only Fire Stick highlight. You guessed it right. Alexa’s help comes with the Fire Stick Remote. So now you can just sit back on your couch and control everything by your words. Surprising, isn’t it?

Knowing how to use the TV Stick on Fire? It may sound easy, but our crack team of streaming media writers and editors will admit it becomes a little complicated. We have everything you need to set up your new Fire TV device (that can be a chore to get it ready), as well as what you should know to unlock the potential of the Alexa remote.

The new update to the Fire TV Stick and Cube will incorporate a vision-based accessibility feature to support those with “visual impairments or a restricted field of view“. It’s been over a year since we saw a new Fire TV Stick, but Fire TV OS provides more home screen support for cord-cutter apps, making Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV easier to stream.

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How to Set up Firestick TV for the First Time?

Before setting up your Amazon Fire TV Stick test you’ve got what you need including:

  1. A compatible TV-that is any TV with HD or UHD plus an HDMI port (most TV screens will have that today)
  2. Wireless internet access
  3. An account with Amazon. To use the Amazon Fire TV Stick you don’t have to be an Amazon Prime customer but you have to have a standard Amazon account. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, this can be built at setup
  4. 2 AAA Batteries for Remote TV Stick

Now that all of you are prepared, let us begin. Here’s how to first mount your Amazon Fire TV Stick. To make it easier I divided the setup process into 4 different sections.

Part 1 – Getting Started

  • Take your Stick Phone for Fire TV. There you can find both a micro-USB port and an HDMI. Now attach the USB power cord to your Fire Stick’s micro-USB port, and link the other end of the power cord to the power adapter
Connect the Firestick
  • Now plug the Power Adapter into a socket outlet. (Note: Use of the Power Adapter and not the powered USB Ports provided by a few TVs is recommended)
  • Now plug the Fire Stick into your TV to any HDMI port. Please note the HDMI port number because you will now have to turn on your TV the corresponding HDMI input channel
  • Turn your TV ON and open the respective HDMI input channel. A loading screen with the logo for the Fire TV Stick will appear. For the first time, it can take some time to load so don’t worry
Firestick Remote
  • Now it’s time to remotely customize your Fire Stick. Next, put the two included AAA batteries into the case
  • The remote will now pair up automatically with the Fire Stick. When it doesn’t immediately pair, however, just press and hold the Home button on your remote for 10 seconds. It will transfer your Fire Stick to Discovery Mode, and it will do the pairing
  • Once FireStick is paired with the remote, press the Play / Pause button to start the setup process
Start the Firestick to Start the Setup
  • Now FireStick will ask you to choose the language you prefer. Use the remote navigation keys to highlight the desired language, and press the Remote Select / OK button to set the language

Note: Select / OK is the Remote button inside the Navigation buttons

Choose Firestick Language

Part 2: Connect Fire Stick to Wi-Fi

  • Your FireStick can now search for within the range of the available Wi-Fi networks. When viewing the network list, select your Wi-Fi and enter your SSID and password (if required) for the link
Scan Networks on Firestick

Part 3: Register with Amazon Account

  • Now it’s time to register your Amazon account with your mobile. When you have purchased it from Amazon your Amazon Fire TV Stick will be pre-registered. Whether that’s not the case, though, or if you want to register with another Amazon account, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions to register or de-register your Fire TV
  • If your FireStick is not pre-registered, please see the window below. If you have an account with Amazon, go ahead and take the first choice else first create an Amazon account by clicking on “I’m new to Amazon
Sign into Firestick Account
  • Your FireStick registers now. Just wait a couple of seconds
Register Firestick

Part 4: Firestick Setup Process

  • FireStick will ask if you want to add your Wi-Fi password to your Amazon account when the registration is complete.
  • If you are using multiple Amazon devices that are registered with the same Amazon account as FireStick, selecting Yes would be a good choice to allow those devices to easily connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have any other Amazon apps and don’t even expect to buy one in the future, you may as well pick No.
Save Wifi Passwords
  • Click the Activate Parental Controls button on the next screen to activate Parental Controls on your FireStick. When you do so, the corresponding window will allow you to set up a PIN. On most operations, you’ll need to enter the PIN on FireStick
  • If you don’t need Parental Controls, just press No Parental Controls to start
Firestick Controls
  • Now you can press Start and pick the apps/streaming services you wish to install before starting with FireStick. Press No Thanks to if you want to delete them later
Choose Streaming Services on FireTVStick
  • If you have a FireStick 2nd Gen on the remote with no TV control buttons (volume and power buttons), all you need to do is set up your computer.
  • If you have a new FireStick, start with Part 5 below

Part 5: Pair Remote with Firestick TV

  • The following measures are for TV Control Remotes only. If you don’t have volume buttons with control, you can skip this part and switch to the next segment.
  • Select Next to open this window.
Amazon Firestick Music
  • Click the buttons Volume Up and Volume Down on the remote.
  • Make sure the TV points are available. The TV control buttons use the TV with IR profile. Therefore, for TV control functions to operate, the TV and Remote must be in the line of sight.
Remote Volume Button
  • If you heard the sound click Yes. If not, then press NO to repeat.
Audio on Amazon Firestick
  • When the Fire TV remote has synchronized successfully, the following message will appear on the screen.
Fire TV Remote Setup

You designed your FireStick successfully.

Now that your FireStick is all set up, you’d like to get started immediately. Here is some interesting stuff you’d like to learn that will certainly bring a much better experience with FireStick.

What a Firestick TV Can Do?

#1. Ask Alexa for More

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick is fitted with Alexa, Amazon’s version of Siri, which allows you to use your voice alone to pull items up on the screen. It can be anything from picking a Netflix movie to buying a domino or just wondering what the weather is like.

#2. Turn on Music

There are a variety of different ways to listen to music through a Fire Stick app. When you are a member of Amazon Prime you can listen to included tracks, or sign up for a music subscription. You can also scan the “Music app” from Amazon to listen to any songs you have downloaded into the library or bought from the music store.

#3. Netflix on Fire TV

To download Netflix via the TV Stick, go to the main screen and pick “Download”. Type in Netflix, and download this when you see the app. Open Netflix and sign in (or subscription).

#4. Mirror your Phone’s Screen

The Fire TV Stick will even take whatever is on your computer and put it on your TV, a little like Apple TV. Keep down the home button on your Fire TV remote to set this up. This will open the menu for fast access, where you will see a mirroring choice. Find on your phone now the mirroring option. It will depend on which computer you use but will usually be in the Settings menu.

#5. Install Apps

Despite its software, no media tool is successful and FireStick supports hundreds of them. There are several free applications that you can use, and you can enjoy unlimited streaming hours. Amazon Store is installed into your system as a massive repository of cool apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. But if that’s not enough, you might get tons of beautiful third-party apps that allow you to watch free movies and shows.

FireStick runs on a modified Android device, but at its heart, it’s identical to any Android app. That’s why there are tons of Android apps from third parties that work flawlessly on your FireStick. Many of them are remote-friendly, and those that aren’t always useable on FireStick with Mouse Toggle.

#6. Protect Yourself With a VPN

A VPN redirects your online activities via an encrypted server and keeps your Internet presence private and anonymous. I suggest ExpressVPN, as Fire TV Stick is the fastest and most reliable VPN service.

The Internet exposes you to your ISP’s prying eyes, to third parties such as hackers, and even to your government. It can easily trace all of your online activities back to you. And, if you’re watching free movies and showing through third-party devices, there’s a possibility you’ll land in trouble.

I do not condone copyright infringements. However, I rigidly maintain the principle of our privacy rights and it must never be violated. And I’d consider using a FireStick VPN.

Firestick Set Up Questions

Do I Need to Plug the Amazon Fire TV Stick to Work?

You can try using the Amazon Fire TV Stick alone with the USB power from your computer, but this is unlikely to suffice. Instead, you are probably better off plugging your TV Stick in the mains.

Is Bluetooth Enabled on the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Sure, Bluetooth is available on the TV Stick. Read Amazon’s guide on how to pair your Amazon Fire TV Stick with a Bluetooth controller.

Is YouTube Available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

You can download the YouTube app from the Amazon App Store and use YouTube with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

 Do I Need a WiFi for the Amazon Fire TV Stick to Work?

Indeed, FireTVStick is powered by WiFi. There is no ethernet port on the computer so WiFi is the only way to connect your laptop (and TV) to the internet.

Final Words

Finally, This is what it is. You have done the Firestick set up successfully for the first time and can now enjoy the vast ocean of multimedia content with the aid of various apps or the ‘Jailbreak Firestick‘ method, as I suggested earlier. I hope it helped.

Enjoy unlimited movies and shows with Amazon Firestick Tv. Get yourself an Amazon Firestick TV today. You can get huge discounts online on the Amazon website.

Experience technology at its best with the advanced Fire Stick smart TV.

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