Virtual Private Network Guide | How Does it Work?

What is Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network is a secured and tunneled network. Whether you use an Android smartphone, iPhone, or computer, you must have heard about VPN. Have you ever thought that what VPN is and what does it do? In this post, we are going to define and describe the VPN.

What is a VPN?

As the trend of the internet is increasing in the world, Cybercrime is also increasing. Believe me, the millions of companies and hackers have a keen eye on your valuable data. Because in today’s world, one’s data is the biggest wealth for others, So all of them are competing to get your valuable data.

You must have seen that whenever you sign up on any website, they ask for some of your details and you also feel free to give it to them because this is the common method to visit any website nowadays. But have you ever thought that if your information went to the wrong person, what are the consequences?

You start to receive unwanted messages, calls, or Emails. Someone can use your data for any criminal activity, or anything else.

So what to do in such a situation? How to avoid such an untoward? … the simple answer is – VPN. With the help of a VPN, you can encrypt your data and stop it from getting into the hands of hackers.

On the other hand, many websites are blocked in some countries. Now, if you want to access those websites blocked in your country, you can use a VPN. Yes, you can easily access any blocked website with a VPN. 

So, let us discuss what is a virtual private network, how does it work, and how you can use it on your computer, Android smartphone, or iPhone easily. 

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How Does VPN Work to Protect Your Online Privacy?

Definition: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a type of network used to secure private networks and WiFi. This is a great technique, with the help of which you can transfer your data securely anywhere.

Government agencies, online working traders, organizations, and people who want to keep their data safe from hackers use a VPN service. Now the question is that does VPN protect you from hackers?

Virtual Private Network secures all types of data. VPNs can be used to secure data using both computers and smartphones. You can transfer data anywhere without being hacked. So yes, VPN protects your online privacy. Now let us talk about how VPN works.

When we use the internet on our computer or smartphone without a VPN, our device works on a local network. In such a situation, we can easily be hacked by hackers. But when you connect your device to VPN then it gets connected to a special network, with the help of which you can send your data securely anywhere, besides you can open any blocked website.

One of its biggest features is that it hides your IP address. Because of this, no hacker or other person can find your location. Yes, Virtual Private Network hides your location.

How Does VPN Work With Blocked Websites?

When the device is connected to VPN and we try to open a blocked website, VPN sends a user request to the blocked website. When your device sends a request for access to the website’s server, it sends information to the device by tunneling it to another IP address, thereby fooling the website’s server by changing the country it shows all the data in your device.

For example, when the Netflix website was not in India, the website could be accessed only by using VPN. Because it only gave access to the network of US and UK. But it was easily visible in India through VPN as well.

How Does VPN Work to Secure Your Data?

When a VPN is set up between you and your client, an Encrypted Convert data file is sent to your client, so that there is no risk of your data being stolen and this is how the Virtual Private Network system works.

Should I Use a Virtual Private Network?

VPNs should be used by those who want personal and professional data safety like a government agency, online trader, etc.

Whether the business is small or big, we should always be careful about its security. Today in this article we are talking about online networks and business security through VPN. Now it comes to how VPN should be used. Whenever we are using the internet from public wifi in a hotel or railway station or airport or coffee shop, someone can hack our device and steal our details and data.

But when we use a VPN, the VPN software hides the actual IP address of our device, from which no one can track us online. Many VPN services provide a DNA reservation system. This system makes it natural for a computer by creating any URL in ‘Text to URL’ like a DNS book. People who know about tracking DNS can easily hack the data through phishing. When we use VPN’s DNA system, we have double-layer protection and thereby making our data more secure than before.

How to Choose a Virtual Private Network Service?

The biggest dilemma that comes before using VPN is which VPN service should I use. Due to the increasing demand for VPN service in these few years, so many Fake VPN and Work VPN systems are active on the internet. People have a lot of difficulty in understanding which is the best VPN service for them. If you want to secure your device and your connection, you have to use the right VPN system. Before using the VPN system, you have to start using the software keeping in mind the below-mentioned things:-

  • Security
  • Reputation
  • Performance
  • Reliable Encryption
  • Transparency
  • Support

I personally use PrivateInternetAccess VPN which has military-grade encryption. Also, this VPN is a pack of all the abovementioned traits. This is a paid VPN service. But looking towards its features, the price is too low, it is just like free. You will also get some software to use for free. But you will not be able to get unlimited features in it. If you want a basic system, you can use the Tunnel VPN. It is a free and limited VPN service software.

Some VPN software companies offer their software for a free trial in which you can use the Pro feature. Apart from this, you also get money-back guarantees from the company. You can request money-back from the company if you do not get the software feature and security according to your needs. If you want to use any such VPN software, then you can use your Solid VPN Unlimited software.

Should You Trust Virtual Private Network Service?

Yes and no. Whether or not VPNs are secure depends on who is running the server. If the owner of the VPN logs your data/information and the connection is not encrypted, then it is not at all secure. It can expose you. But if the owner of the VPN has a secure and encrypted connection and does not log data at all, then it is secure.

Whenever you want to use someone’s VPN service, you should first read the Privacy Policy and Transparency Path of that company, only then use the VPN service. You must use a well-known service company for a VPN service.

It is very important to remember what a Virtual Private Network can and cannot do. It hides your IP address, but it has to show any IP further. When you log in to another network, your internet connection becomes slow. To avoid this, you should use the best VPN service for your device.

Best Virtual Private Network Service Providers

When we use a VPN service, we have many questions that are very important to clear. Which VPN service provider is the fastest?.. it is also a very important question that we should keep in mind. When people use free VPNs, they have a lot of difficulties with low-speed connections. Due to which many users also stop using VPN.

So the answer to the question is “different VPN service is best for different work” like if you want to use VPN for special gaming, you can use the NordVPN service. You get the facility like 4K video and streaming with this service. It is a trusted VPN service that you can use for data transfer.

Some people use a VPN to increase their internet performance. You can use different software for that.  Pure VPN, IPvanish, and Express VPN are all the best and trusted VPN services, that help in improving your internet connection. 

Why Use VPN in Mobile Phones?

Whenever you do some banking-like work from your phone, never try to use any public WiFi. If using public WiFi, always use a VPN service.

Our mobile contains almost all of our data. We must use VPN services to protect our data and personal information. But remember,  do not use VPN service all the time. Use it only when you have to share any personal data or send an important document.

Now there are so many VPN service providers in the market that you can easily choose the best VPN service for Android and iOS. Earlier Windows Phones were not so popular, so VPN did not have such a facility for them. But now as Windows phones are also becoming a bit popular, VPN gained fame among them as well. You will also get a VPN service in Blackberry OS because iOS and Blackberry OS are the most used for business purposes. You can also get a free VPN and a Paid VPN for mobile.

Top VPN Service Providers

Here, I am going to tell you about some mostly used best VPN service providers:-

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PrivateInternetAccess
  • IPVanish

#1. ExpressVPN

You must have heard the name ‘Express VPN’ because It provides a very reliable service.



  • From $6.67 – $12.95


  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Linux


  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • iPlayer
  • Hulu

#2. NordVPN

NordVPN is also a reliable VPN service, used all over the world. You can buy it for 1 Month, 3 Months, and 1 Year. It is one of the best VPN providers. Advanced security, high security, and privacy standards place it on the line of top VPN service providers.



  • From $3.49 – $11.95


  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • macOS


  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • iPlayer
  • Hulu

#3. PrivateInternetAccess

PrivateInternetAccess (commonly known as PIA) is a reliable VPN provider. Now, it is the owner of the private internet which also owns Cybergah and ZenMate. Most people consider it the best Kodi VPN for its military-grade encryption.

PrivateInternetAccess VPN


  • From $3.33 – $11.95


  • Android
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Linux


  •  Netflix
  •  iPlayer

#4. IPVanish

This is also one of the best VPN for a computer or a mobile phone. You can use it with 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can put a request for money back before 7 days.



  • From $6.49 – $10.00


  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • macOS


  •  Hulu

Benefits of Using a Free Virtual Private Network

  • You do not need to pay any money for a free VPN. You can use whatever features you get in it for free
  • If you want to visit a blocked website, you can use a free VPN
  • You will see ads in the free version of a VPN or you can use only limited bandwidth
  • If your data is highly confidential, it is not right to use a free VPN The free VPN provider can share your data with other people for their profit.

Benefits of Using a Paid Virtual Private Network

Though there are advantages of using a free VPN service you must always go for a paid VPN.

  • If you buy a VPN service, then your data remains safe.
  • A paid VPN service company never shares any of your data with anyone.
  • You will get many more features in a paid VPN service with unlimited bandwidth.

How to Use a Virtual Private Network on a Computer?

You can buy a VPN to make your device more secure. You need an IP address, Username, and Password which you will get both free and paid versions. But, here I am telling you the best way to secure your data without spending a penny. Now, a free VPN service is being provided by the Opera company.

First of all, you have to put Opera’s free browser on your computer. You can download and install it from the link given below-

Download Opera

Once the browser is installed, open it. Click on the Right Side Menu and go to Settings.

In Settings, you will have to click on Privacy & Security and after that, you will see the option of VPN.

Here, click on Enable VPN. Congrats… your VPN activated.

When you complete the process mentioned above, open your browser. If you see ‘VPN’ in the address bar, It’s activated. Now you can open any blocked website.

If you need more security for your data, go for the paid version of a VPN service.

How to Use a Virtual Private Network on a Mobile Phone?

Above, I told you about using a VPN on a computer but, 90% of people use the internet on their mobile phones. So it is more important to know how to use a VPN on a mobile phone.

First of all, you have to download and install the app ‘Touch VPN’ from the link given below-

Download the App

Once installed, open the application.

Thereafter, at the top, select the location and click on connect.

Finally, as soon as you click on Connect, your Virtual Private Network will be activated automatically. Enjoy it.

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