Advantages of free VPN [Complete Guide]

VPN, a Virtual Private Network is a necessary security layer to survive in the cyber world. Either you can use a free VPN service or a paid one. Though there are certain advantages of using a free VPN you have to compromise somewhere. You should always remember a few points before buying a VPN. Also, make sure you know about all features of free and paid VPN services before picking one. Yes, free and paid VPN services have their advantages and disadvantages. Though, I do not recommend using a free VPN because there are various disadvantages of using a free VPN service. But, here are some advantages that you might get.

Advantages of using a free VPN

Free of Cost

FREE is the word that everyone likes. Without paying a single penny, you can use free VPN services. On the other hand, the features of paid and free services vary significantly. There is a difference between them just like the sky and land. Free VPN services hide your personal information like IP address, location, service provider, and data. But paid VPNs provide you far better services. Also, secures your browsing history and online transactions.


Free VPNs secure your data therefore they use encryption algorithms. But, why so? Encryption algorithms encrypt and secure your data from intruders, states, and third parties. Yes, they may not provide you the best encryption but will encrypt your data using some algorithms. The stronger encryption, the harder to break. Encryption algorithms include 64-bit AES, DES, or RSA algorithms. However, it is for sure that free VPN services cannot beat the paid ones.

Excellent encryption is the most important advantage of using a VPN

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Governments of many countries have forced restrictions on browsing special sorts of content. You can take the benefit of using a free VPN and browse restricted content bypassing geo-restrictions. But if you get caught, you might be in a big problem. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to buy a VPN from the best VPN service providers. I use PrivateInternetAccess which has military-grade encryption, believe me, it’s awesome. By using PrivateInternetAccess VPN, you can access services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Now TV through another country’s VPN server where the government has not forced any limitation.

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bypassIng geo-restrictions is an advantage of VPN

Bandwidth Throttling

You can get rid of bandwidth throttling which means you will get stable internet speed without any delay. To balance network jam, internet service providers do bandwidth throttling. Generally, they cut your bandwidth and allot it to other users. Thus, they try to make more money by advising users to upgrade their current plans. If you browse heavy content like games and videos, definitely they will limit your bandwidth. Certainly, you would have seen the same while browsing videos or playing online games.

Buy Items at Less Price

Some websites sell their products online at different rates in different countries. That means the price of the same product varies from country to country. Suppose you live in the United States, then definitely, the price of a product would be higher than in other countries. Here comes the VPN into the picture where you can take advantage of using a free VPN; just change the IP address of another country and buy the same item at a smaller price.

buy items a less price using a free VPN

Bypass Network Firewall

By using a VPN, you can even bypass a network firewall. Network administrators force limitations on the firewall. Most importantly, they write many rules to restrict IP addresses from a specific country. Similarly, they allow traffic from a specific country using IP filtering. So, you can bypass these firewall rules using a VPN.

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Protected Wi-Fi Access

VPN gives safety when accessing the internet through public Wi-Fi. You often visit Railway station, Malls, Schools, and Colleges where public Wi-Fi is installed. Hold down, you should be very much careful before using a public network without a VPN. You may have to compromise your privacy. As others also surf through the same Wi-Fi network, there is a possibility that an attacker reaching the same network may catch your data packets using tools like Wireshark. Finally, it is always better to use a VPN in public places.

To sum up, I repeat that using a free VPN service can be a big risk. There are chances that free VPN service providing companies may sell your personal information in turn they may get a handsome amount. In conclusion, you have more downsides in using a free VPN than benefits.

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